Philip Giddings, Senior Consultant & Founder

Philip Giddings, Founder

Founder of Engineering Harmonics, Philip Giddings has dedicated his career efforts over the past three decades to the pursuit of excellence in systems design in the fields of audio, audio-visual, multimedia and related technologies, in the process becoming celebrated in industry publications as “the best in the business.” 

Philip finds a satisfying coalescence of his professional life and personal interests in music well played, recorded and reproduced. An avid music collector with eclectic tastes, he nevertheless leans toward blues and funk as storehouses of emotional energy in creative musical expression.



Philip’s portfolio includes:


Education & Career Beginnings

Philip graduated in 1979 with a B.Eng. in electrical engineering from McGill University. His interest and skills in audio and electronics became evident in high school, where he built and operated lighting and audio systems for his school’s theatre program. Early in his professional career, he spearheaded the development of several state-of-the-art custom audio products, including an active microphone splitter system, a microprocessor controlled audio console, an AV controller and a legislative council chamber audio system. Realizing the need for structured design and project management know-how in the AV industry, he founded Engineering Harmonics with a vision to fulfill this seminal consulting role.



A registered Professional Engineer in the provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia, Philip is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the Canadian Acoustical Association (CAA), the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT), the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology (CITT), and the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM).



Highly regarded as an author and lecturer, Philip has earned high respect as a leading authority in sound system design. His book, Audio Systems Design and Installation, published in 1990, is considered an industry standard to this day. In addition, he has authored a number of technical papers and articles, including "An Introduction to Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility for Audio System Designers"(Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, July/August 1989 and presented again in March 2010), “Grounding Systems and Their Implementation” (co-authored, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, June 1995), and “Grounding and Shielding” (Sound & Video Contractor, September 1995). Philip has been invited to lecture at various conferences of the Performing Arts Managers Conference (IAAM), Lighting Dimensions International, SMPTE, NARAS, and the AES.